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West Michigan food truck serving pizzas and baked goods.


Our menu does vary based on time of day we’re serving and what is available, fresh, & in season. The best way to know exactly what we are cooking up, is to find us – On insta, or IRL.

ROUNDS – Midday and on

Classic pizza.

The Steve
Our brother’s favorite. Our cheese blend, pepperoni, mushroom, and feta.

The Herbivore
Eat more plants. Our cheese blend, asiago, mushroom, sweet pepper, broccoli, spinach, and shallot.

The McCallister
A whole cheese pizza just for you. Mozz, provo, gouda, asiago, and feta.

BBQ sauce on a pizza, yes, because. Mozz, provo, smoked gouda, chicken, red onion & apple.

Salt & Pepper’s Here
Deliciousness is hidden in the simplicity. Our cheese blend, asiago, topped with celtic salt and fresh cracked pepper.

Das sweet and spicy! Our cheese blend, fresh pineapple, and jalapeƱo. Add bacon if you desire.

Specialty Rounds
We are always baking up some new flavors, follow us on social media to find out more.


We are bringing the truck, you bring your hunger.

Scratch made pretzel bun breakfast sandwich? Yup, its happened.

A unique, hearty, savory brunch pastry? Stranger things have happened.

Will there be a local coffee, or even a tasty sippable? Sure, we wouldn’t leave ya thirstin’ for more.


Chocolate chunk cookie with celtic salt

Butterscotch pecan cookie

Gold Bar – a rich crunchy base of PB layered with crisped rice tempered chocolate on top, chilled to serve

Mini cheesecakes – seasonal flavors

Additional seasonal sweets are on rotation

We aim to incorporate local ingredients in our offerings and are proud to support those vendors in our community. Looking to work together? Email us.

We use peanuts, wheat, egg regularly in our food truck and are not able to offer truly gluten free items due to the constrictions of our kitchen/truck. If you have allergies, please inform us before ordering.

We aim to be the best Food Truck on the World Wide Web!!!!!!1!11one