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West Michigan food truck serving pizzas and baked goods.

Around Baking Company was a formed idea over many years, finally finding its way to reality in 2020 when we began putting together what would end up being more of a project then we anticipated.

Through some crafty work, help from others and a bit of over engineering we transformed a stepvan used for carpentry into the shiny tin can that you’ll find putzing around town, dishing up pizzas, pastries, and occasional specialties.

The build was only one challenge of the idea. The other challenges were putting together a menu that moved in a little bit of a different direction, highlighting flavors and ingredients in a way we hope you enjoy. We work hard to provide quality tasting items that source ingredients from our nearby communities, whom we work to support and could not keep it working without their returned support.

P.S. We made this website look bad on purpose. Let us know and get 0% off your next order.

Daniel Crawford
Food Truck Guy

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We aim to be the best Food Truck on the World Wide Web!!!!!!1!11one